013 & 014. Basic Days

June 15 & 16, 2017

TV SERIES: Parenthood

Parenthood S01E04 – E06

Yet another couple of those “just get through everything else you need to” days…

x Casey


010 & 011: It’s easier this way…

Following Friday, the weekend became a bit of a lag in the media department, but there are a few things to check off first… or, all at the same time right now before I go to bed.

11th & 12th June, 2017

TV SERIES: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – S01E01 & E02

Kimmy Schmidt is a show I began watching last year about this time, probably as season two was launching on Netflix, just as season three launched last week and I started season two. With my very favourite opening sequence, and absolute fire from Tina Fey, this show has a very special spot in my heart despite my difficulties following the dialogue for many episodes at a time. Kimmy Schmidt has been my “dinner” show, since I decided that more recent or new series should really be incorporated into the watching schedule. But there’ll be more about this after I see a few more episodes.

TV SERIES: Parenthood

Parenthood S01E02 & S01E03

BOOK: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

I started this book as a new “alternating current and classic novel” system as well. I haven’t read past the first dozen pages as I’ve been trying to catch up on Parenthood but the style – which incorporates different points of view as well as different text/image formats – is intriguing and I’m interested to find out more this week.

NHL Playoffs: Pittsburgh Penguins v Nashville Predators – Game Six

Ahhh, what a series. I’m not really keen to discuss details about this game as it only happened yesterday, meaning not everyone has watched yet. But what an absolutely inconsequential and shitty/boring/stupid end to the series. I missed an entire period trying to find a place to watch it, and I still missed nothing. I’ve definitely enjoyed watching playoffs hockey this season though and can’t wait to both play more hockey, and watch more next season when I can follow my team (Minnesota Wild) from the beginning.

Anyway, those entries have been building for days, I’m glad to get them off my chest. Now to correct the bunch of typos I’ve made in old posts that I found from researching this one…

x Casey

007. One Week

June 8, 2017

Thursday was another nondescript day, nothing new; same same same…

PODCAST: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Episode 6: Expectations: The Journey From Platform Nine and Three Quarters (Book 1, Chapter 6)

BOOK: Complete Fables, by Aesop

x Casey

005. [Insert Title Here]??

I spent most of Tuesday in bed with the flu, so it wasn’t a particularly productive day all round, but I did get to watch #pensvpreds game four, finish season one of The Big Bang Theory and work my way through a chunk of Aesop’s Fables while in a cold medicine haze.

NHL Playoffs: Pittsburgh Penguins v. Nashville Predators – Game Four

Remember how I said Smashville brought it last game? Well, I was admittedly in a hazy stupor for 90% of game four, but it seems like they ramped it up even further, and the defending champs have to be shaking themselves now. No spoilers because I know at least a dozen people who haven’t seen the game yet, but Gaudreau more like oh my Gaud, you can reau reau reau my boat.

TV Series: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory S01E16 & S01E17

Book: Complete Fables, by Aesop

Still going…

x Casey

004. Go Polar Bears

Some days are going to be fairly light on content, and while today I have already watched more than enough to talk about in tomorrow’s blog, yesterday was a different story. After finally submitting to the flu after weeks of “just keep moving”, and losing the afternoon to the WA Day street hockey tournament, I only managed to get through a few of Aesop’s Fables and several nondescript episodes of The Big Bang Theory. 

Book: Complete Fables, by Aesop

Television Series: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, S01E13 to S01E15

x Casey

003. In the Wee Small Hours

Yesterday was a light day on fictional media at least, with hockey to fit in I only got about fifteen minutes of Aesop’s read, but I also decided to begin working through 1001 Modern Albums You Must Hear, and of course it was Pens v Preds game three, so the day was not entirely empty.

NHL Playoffs 2017: Pittsburgh Penguins v Nashville Predators – Game Three

With everything going on this past few weeks, I’ve missed the first two games of the series, but the Preds b r o u g h t i t yesterday, so I’m happy that’s the one I saw. To be honest, this is my first season watching playoffs, but I’d be keen for the under-catfish to take this one out – even if I do want to have Sidney Crosby’s babies.

Book: Complete Fables, by Aesop

Album: In The Wee Small Hours – Frank Sinatra

For years people have been telling me I don’t understand music and I’ve sort of leant in to that, not having an opportunity or particular reason to indulge – you don’t really learn things from music, you just feel them – so when I get asked if 1001 Modern Albums is one of the “lists” I usually shrug it off with the disclaimer “no one has succeeded re: me and music before, and you won’t be the first”. But yesterday I figured YOLO and re-established my Apple music (that right there should be indication enough, since it’s not ~SPOTIFY~) subscription as a baby step towards appreciation. This is not going to be easy for me, so I wouldn’t be holding any breath, but this post, and probably tomorrow’s, was brought to you by Frank Sinatra.

x Casey

002. Everything Else is Optional

Sheldon: No we don’t. We have to take in nourishment, expel waste, and inhale enough oxygen to keep our cells from dying. Everything else is optional.

– The Big Bang Theory, S01E09: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

Stand by for what will be the most polarising content I ever post to Best Case Scenario – the explanation that when I am at my worst, I watch a heckin’ lot of The Big Bang Theory.

June 3rd, 2017

Television Series: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory S01E09 to S01E12

First an explanation into how I integrate reading, television and movies from #the1001project into life. I’ve alternated with several methods but what seems to work best is: for each episode into a season I watch, I have to spend the equivalent minutes reading. After watching disc one I generally read for twenty-one minutes, with fifty-seven after disc two. It’s anal, but the OCD pleases me. Then Friday night is movie night. This kind of controlled environment is the only situation that has thus yielded productivity for this project – and even it has failed me in recent months. But now you know why I will generally watch no more than six episodes in a day – because reading is time consuming. But now that logistics are explained, I’ll quickly cover my past with The Big Bang Theory.

Three years ago I went through a big break-up. Not the tiny kind where things are a bit shit for a while, it was a 2.5 year relationship, and one that ended because of cheating, emotional abuse and a lot of “we’ll talk about this when I get home”. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever dealt with, featured depression and anxiety, and it’s what I refer to when I say I couldn’t fly for two years because of emotional issues. That’s as far as I’ll go for today, but when it happened I watched seven seasons of The Big Bang Theory before remembering that I am also a cheerful nerd and enrolled in a Settlers of Catan tournament which changed the course of my life. I also have other past experiences with the show, the main one being winning $1000 from purchasing the DVDs, but this is what created a positive emotional crutch and that is why when life gets challenging, I return to TBBT.

This time’s no different as I’m experiencing trauma flashbacks due to a friend breakup – no matter what anyone ever tells you, friend breakups are worse – so I’ve returned to this show. The quote above sticks with me every time though. Everything else painful or difficult is optional. Look after yourself first.

Book: The Complete Fables, by Aesop

I’m currently reading through the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die in order of publication, so Aesop’s Fables is the opening project. While many of these fables are sweet, some of them are a cause for raised eyebrows? Take, for example, Zeus and Shame:

When Zeus fashioned man he gave him certain inclinations, but he forgot about shame. Not knowing how to introduce her, he ordered her to enter through the rectum. Shame baulked at this and was highly indignant. Finally, she said to Zeus:
“All right! I’ll go in, but on the condition that Eros doesn’t come in the same way; if he does, I will leave immediately.”
Ever since then, all homosexuals are without shame.

This fable shows that those who are prey to love lose all shame.

Firstly, Shame portrayed as feminine is interesting to me, but essentially this story is interesting as an historic insight into Ancient Greek sexuality – particularly when I consider the Greeks to have been one of the more… explorative ancient societies. Old stories are fun stories though, and taken with a grain of salt and a lot of hindsight, Aesop’s Fables hold up. I didn’t read any particularly great ones yesterday however, and I’m still reading it now so I’ll keep you posted with any favourites.

x Casey

001. Casey Causley Media Diet


Indiana Jones: I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go along.

– Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Each year Steven Soderbergh, producer of movies such as the Oceans series and Magic Mike, publishes a list in January of all the media he consumed in the last 365 days, a concept that has become referred to as his “media diet”. As someone who enjoys not only consuming but creating content, I’ve become interested in knowing what my media diet would be. In addition to that I’m also interested in keeping track for reasons of productivity tracking, mood insight and particularly having a record of #the1001project media, particularly during times when it becomes difficult to create comprehensive reviews of all 4000+ items, and that doesn’t even include the non-related content.

So I present to you from now on, daily posts about the books, movies, television, podcast and live performances I experience.

June 2nd, 2017

Podcast: Gilmore Guys Present Bunhead Bros 116 ft. Jason Mantzoukas

This is where the inspiration for the Causley media diet came from as I liked the idea of a stimulus for daily creative/reflective writing for a year. It also has the benefit of being a written history of the productivity of #the1001project over time as well as the opportunity to highlight certain experiences and their connection to media – for example, as I’m going through an emotionally turbulent period at the moment, I end up watching more The Big Bang Theory than normal.

In terms of this podcast, it’s my go-to work podcast, particularly the Gilmore Guys era as the content is based on a show I’ve experienced so often that I can follow the discussion. The entertainment value, including the report between Kevin, Demi and their guests has in the past has been a source of inspiration considering their particular involvement in a side of media and performance that I really enjoy. The only podcast I’ve found to be more stimulating has been, of course, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show.

Side Note: This media diet project is also probably the most efficient way for me to keep track of quotes I want to collect too. My Twitter bio doesn’t claim me as the “Queen of Reference Humour” for nothing.

Movie: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark – the original Hannah Montana.

After growing up without exposure to most movies, including Star Wars and Indiana Jones, catching up on Harrison Ford as an adult is a magical experience I do not underestimate, and Raiders is the perfect escapist movie after a taxing week. Adventure, humour, and that perfect venn diagram of “adventurous” but “nerd” that’s like some kind of me kryptonite.

Speaking seriously though, Raiders is among the genre of movies I have trouble critically analyzing for blog posts such as these. It’s fun, funny and the Nazi’s lose. Add to that Harrison Ford’s haircut and Indy’s badass attitude and you have a crowd pleaser. To match with my emotional state this week, it was the ideal escape from stress and anxiety and I gave it a five out of five on RT. It’s not exactly thought provoking apart from the “girl wears inappropriate clothes while defeating bad guys, but not actually defeating them, just making an effort to defeat them while Indiana Jones is really the one who saves the day” trope. Early 1980’s special effects were on point too, and now I really want an Indy inspired costume to lurk at zoos in. A e s t h e t i c.

Side note: Doctor Jones, Jones, calling Doctor Jones.

x Casey



This is likely to be the first of many diaries about #the1001project – although by no means is this my first attempt to tell these stories. I think it just might finally be the right attempt.

The 1001 Project is not a new endeavour. It began in 2015 as a means to escape anxiety, depression and the feeling I had nothing else to aspire or look forward to. It’s not the nicest of premises, I know, but sometimes the best tales originate from adversity, and this one was a point of optimism in a particularly dark time. While this list of items is arbitrary and chosen by others, it is also ultimately a reminder that I can find purpose in many situations.

The 1001 Project is a bucket list incorporating ten of the 1001 Before You Die lists published by Quintessence Editions. This means it’s more like the 11,584 project, but that’s not quite as catchy. The project focusses on 1001 Places, 1001 Escapes, 1001 Natural Wonders, 1001 Buildings, 1001 Historic Sites, 1001 Walks, 1001 Books, 1001 Movies and 1001 Tv Series “Before You Die” in addition to 1001 Children’s Books to Read Before You Grow Up.

But over the past year it has become more than static examples evolved from these curated lists, it’s also grown to include an additional category invented by my friend Andrew, which we refer to as the 1001 Additions, and it is through this list that I have gained a better sense of purpose. Including leading parkruns, playing Street Roller Hockey in Perth and making an extended effort to “do” things rather than see them.

I hope that this introduction makes sense to you as an individual. To many people it seems like a daunting task – a useless or perhaps impossible project. But I’m also happy to say it’s been an inspiring one too, on a smaller but no less important scale. I hope that if you’re reading this you gain something from it – travel inspiration, the desire to try something on your own, or the persuasion to start your own 1001 Project. But either way this is my story, or the beginning of it. I’m pretty interested to see where it goes.

Please enjoy these.

x The Girl Who Loves Stories