Previous Works and Portfolio

The Douchebag Cast
With Nick Kington and Matthew Lewis, a podcast about Fox’s hit show New Girl.

Humour and Reference Writing

Bayswater Barracudas SRHC
Words by Casey Causley (Banter Barracuda) and Images by Zac Jury

Scientific Writing

High nutrient use efficiency during early seedling growth in diverse Grevillea species (Proteaceae)
Tianhua He, William Fowler & Casey L Causley
Scientific Reports, 2015

Fitness benefits of serotiny in fire- and drought-prone environments
Casey L Causley, William Fowler, Tianhua He & Byron Lamont
Plant Ecology, 2016

Best Case Scenario Videos nee Anosmic Aussie
Unused currently; TBA

Nerdfighters Down Under
With Tara Parker, Katie Skerman, Reiana Aramoana, Nick Kington and Matthew Lewis, a collaboration style YouTube channel.