010 & 011: It’s easier this way…

Following Friday, the weekend became a bit of a lag in the media department, but there are a few things to check off first… or, all at the same time right now before I go to bed.

11th & 12th June, 2017

TV SERIES: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – S01E01 & E02

Kimmy Schmidt is a show I began watching last year about this time, probably as season two was launching on Netflix, just as season three launched last week and I started season two. With my very favourite opening sequence, and absolute fire from Tina Fey, this show has a very special spot in my heart despite my difficulties following the dialogue for many episodes at a time. Kimmy Schmidt has been my “dinner” show, since I decided that more recent or new series should really be incorporated into the watching schedule. But there’ll be more about this after I see a few more episodes.

TV SERIES: Parenthood

Parenthood S01E02 & S01E03

BOOK: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

I started this book as a new “alternating current and classic novel” system as well. I haven’t read past the first dozen pages as I’ve been trying to catch up on Parenthood but the style – which incorporates different points of view as well as different text/image formats – is intriguing and I’m interested to find out more this week.

NHL Playoffs: Pittsburgh Penguins v Nashville Predators – Game Six

Ahhh, what a series. I’m not really keen to discuss details about this game as it only happened yesterday, meaning not everyone has watched yet. But what an absolutely inconsequential and shitty/boring/stupid end to the series. I missed an entire period trying to find a place to watch it, and I still missed nothing. I’ve definitely enjoyed watching playoffs hockey this season though and can’t wait to both play more hockey, and watch more next season when I can follow my team (Minnesota Wild) from the beginning.

Anyway, those entries have been building for days, I’m glad to get them off my chest. Now to correct the bunch of typos I’ve made in old posts that I found from researching this one…

x Casey


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