005. [Insert Title Here]??

I spent most of Tuesday in bed with the flu, so it wasn’t a particularly productive day all round, but I did get to watch #pensvpreds game four, finish season one of The Big Bang Theory and work my way through a chunk of Aesop’s Fables while in a cold medicine haze.

NHL Playoffs: Pittsburgh Penguins v. Nashville Predators – Game Four

Remember how I said Smashville brought it last game? Well, I was admittedly in a hazy stupor for 90% of game four, but it seems like they ramped it up even further, and the defending champs have to be shaking themselves now. No spoilers because I know at least a dozen people who haven’t seen the game yet, but Gaudreau more like oh my Gaud, you can reau reau reau my boat.

TV Series: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory S01E16 & S01E17

Book: Complete Fables, by Aesop

Still going…

x Casey


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