003. In the Wee Small Hours

Yesterday was a light day on fictional media at least, with hockey to fit in I only got about fifteen minutes of Aesop’s read, but I also decided to begin working through 1001 Modern Albums You Must Hear, and of course it was Pens v Preds game three, so the day was not entirely empty.

NHL Playoffs 2017: Pittsburgh Penguins v Nashville Predators – Game Three

With everything going on this past few weeks, I’ve missed the first two games of the series, but the Preds b r o u g h t i t yesterday, so I’m happy that’s the one I saw. To be honest, this is my first season watching playoffs, but I’d be keen for the under-catfish to take this one out – even if I do want to have Sidney Crosby’s babies.

Book: Complete Fables, by Aesop

Album: In The Wee Small Hours – Frank Sinatra

For years people have been telling me I don’t understand music and I’ve sort of leant in to that, not having an opportunity or particular reason to indulge – you don’t really learn things from music, you just feel them – so when I get asked if 1001 Modern Albums is one of the “lists” I usually shrug it off with the disclaimer “no one has succeeded re: me and music before, and you won’t be the first”. But yesterday I figured YOLO and re-established my Apple music (that right there should be indication enough, since it’s not ~SPOTIFY~) subscription as a baby step towards appreciation. This is not going to be easy for me, so I wouldn’t be holding any breath, but this post, and probably tomorrow’s, was brought to you by Frank Sinatra.

x Casey


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