December Haul & Anticipation Post


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Lifestyle bloggers and booktubers alike love their haul posts and as this blog (and my general social media life) have always been a combination between the two, it was inevitable that I make my re-entrance to YouTube with some variation on the haul category. Therefore, it’s probably about time I explain what the new goal for 2017 is going to be, along with an introduction in the form of a December anticipation post.

This post sort of comes in seven parts, but first we’re going to split it into sections related to #the1001project and sections where Best Case[y] Scenario is going to grow.

Step One: #the1001project

For anyone who is following this and me and still doesn’t know what #the1001project is, it’s my project to finish several of the 1001 Before You Die lists, particularly the ones pertaining to travel, books, movies and tv shows. I have ten lists, which actually amount to over 11,500 items when you take updated lists into account, and I’ve been working on the project for almost two years now, very slowly. In 2016 I had a lot of new projects that came and required a lot of my time, so #the1001project has been a little behind, but in 2016 I’m going to focus more on particular aspects, as dictated by a few rules. These rules are listed here and accompanied by my anticipated goals for December.

Part One: Literature

As part of my reading goals for this year and in 2017, I have decided I want to add more non-fiction and current fiction to the two reading 1001 lists (Books and Children’s Books), therefore in months onwards I’m going to read one new fiction novel and one non-fiction novel per month. For December these picks are:

The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church – released May 3rd 2016

Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham – released November 29 2016

In addition to those, I’m going to be reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (1001 Books) and finally working on finishing the A Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket ahead of the release of the Netflix original series of the same title (starring Neil Patrick Harris) in January 2017! This is a series I adored but didn’t complete as a child, and I’m glad to be back in the world of the Baudelaire children for a while.

Part Two: Movies

While I haven’t created any solid movie rules for 2017, I would like to be more efficient with this list as it’s the easiest of the ten and always makes me feel better when I can cross items off the list quickly. This month I’d like to work further on completing the Australian titles from the list, so I have Mad Max and The Last Wave, both of which are left over from a time when I had my Facebook friends vote on my Friday night movies, which doesn’t give me much confidence, but I’ll watch them nonetheless. Finally I also have Out of Africa and as Meryl Streep could successfully play Batman, I’m more confident that this will be a great one.

There are also some new films that I would like to check out in December, including a screening of Moana the new Disney film, which I will hopefully visit the Moonlight cinema for (see Perth events section below), as well as catching up and finally seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I have been putting off for weeks until audiences calm down.

Part Three: Television

Once again another category where I feel the need to embellish the list with new, current shows now that I have the means and the Netflix to. I’m currently watching through Glee after having left it behind at season four last time, so I’ll continue to do that and hopefully finish seasons three and four.

In addition to that, I’m going to catch up on New Girl season six which is slightly important to The Douchebag Cast, and I have just started watching Westworld so hopefully I can catch up with it too, although HBO series are slightly more convenient to watch, with their shorter seasons.

Part Four: Travel

This year has been particularly light on the travel, but I’ve been saving the fifteen-ish items I need to reach my target for the year to be travel related. Hopefully historic Melbourne or natural Queensland will be on the list, but this part is still potentially TBA. But there will be some travel blogs in December.

Step Two: Everything else

To move into newer territory, these are the lists and categories that I haven’t covered before on blogs, although I do have some experience with creating Let’s Plays, these are all new ground for me.

Part Five: Video Games

Pokemon Sun and Moon were released recently, and more recently I got my act together and bought the game. It’s been a few generations since I completed a Pokemon game, and I feel iffy about this one already, but for the moment it’s enjoyable and we’ll see how it goes. The Pokemon grind is a great addition to time spent binge watching television shows.

Part Six: Perth Events

It’s finally December, and summer, so all the nice weather, later sunset events are kicking in for Christmas-time. This means that the Floating Bar at Elizabeth Quay, the Under the Bridge Food Trucks at Fremantle and the summer Moonlight and Rooftop Cinemas are in session during the silly season. Local parkruns will also be running their bonus Christmas and New Years Day free, timed 5km events – which usually run at 8am on Saturdays – for a little bit of extra festive fitness for families.

Finally, December means the Street Roller Hockey League Hockeyfest VII Finals will be taking place on Saturday the 10th at Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club, as well as the biannual North vs South All Star Championships this weekend (Saturday 3rd of December) which I will be not only covering but also playing in the Northern Ladies and Sophomores teams!

Part Seven: Lifestyle, Fitness & Dog

Finally we get to the experimental part of the next month. The motivation behind adding more of this in, is personal rather than to create content to discuss. Fitness, food, and branching out when it comes to Gillan are all part of the recent steps of “being an adult” that I have been working on lately. Becoming efficient is easier when you are healthy and focused and the same goes for Gillan, so caring for myself and monster are becoming priorities and since I am motivated to do things when I’m posting about them, this will be an interesting experiment.

I haven’t got any hard and fast rules for this, but anything enjoyable will be included in a favourites post, as a couple of things I have been working on already will be in November faves next week.

tl;dr – Casey does more stuff, hopes she won’t explode even more.

So I’m going to stop spending time planning the things and start doing them, but I hope this is enlightening for anyone who wonders what half of the stuff I get through each month is!

x Casey


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