Mr Munchies Sushi, Mt Lawley

Mr Munchies on Zomato
Location: Arcade 669, off Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley
Cuisine: Japanese; Sushi-Bar
Price Range: $8 -$20


Secreted away at the back of an arcade on Beaufort St, behind the culinary distractions that are Grill’d and Gelare, is Mr Munchies Sushi, a tiny sushi shop with anime wallpaper and Japanese pop music, where you can choose to create your own sushi combinations, or from a list of the store’s original, inventive specialties.

A chain store with one other Perth location – Victoria Park – Mr Munchies is the imaginative solution to all your sushi cravings, with few options you’d recognise, and new spins on the old favourites. It’s not just sushi either, if you like your Japanese in a Bento Box, or you’d rather swing for sashimi, there are plenty of options and they even have Japanese-style potato salad, which I hadn’t ever considered to be a thing before.

Option I Chose: Surf n Turf Roll – grilled steak rolled with steamed prawn and snow-pea sprout, topped with garlic chips and chili flakes, served with sweet onion sauce.
Notable Runner Up: Cheesy Potato Roll – potato salad, sliced carrot and kanpyo with melted cheese, mayo and teriyaki sauce with furikake.


While the price was a little more than I’d normally spring for sushi, don’t be dissuaded by that finer detail. With generous serving sizes and the option to go for a large or small roll (pictured above), Mr Munchies is a great option for something different on a relative budget. If you’ll permit me one piece of advice however, I’d consider saving this date night for after you’ve learnt to use chopsticks, the large pieces are awkward and I was quite relieved to be eating there alone.

x Casey

Don’t just take my word for it!
Great About Perth, Urban Walkabout and the ever faithful Urban List Perth also have positive things to say about this hidden gem.



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